Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

Welcome everyone!

My name is Sara, and I'm a WAHM, have 2 children who are only 14 months apart in age, and am married to a Staff Sergeant in the US Air Force. We spent the last almost 5 years in Colorado, but moved to Germany last summer for the next 3 years. 

My daughters are 4 and 5. Zeph is the oldest, and I am fully convinced she's going to grow up to be one of those "plastic" girls from the movie "Mean Girls". Zoe is our baby, and only comes in such an adorable package because she's evil

I run a daycare out of my living room. 6 children here, from 6:30 to 5. It's crazy, and busy, and holy crap loud, but I get to stay at home with my kids, which is the most important thing. (I refuse to pay for daycare. I know how much they charge!)

I am in the process of going back to school to become a special education teacher. Growing up, my sister, who is mentally challenged, was involved with Special Olympics and Challenger softball which is for kids in our hometown who have physical and mental handicaps to get together and talk smack, play ball and have a wonderful time doing it. Being involved with that from 1st through 12th grade really showed me that that is where I am supposed to be. Those are my peeps. 

When I'm not pretending I'm going to get my degree, and wrangling short people I like to read, scrapbooking and make cards, taking photos of everything, and being as lazy as I can possibly be. I drink far too much coffee and soda. I have irrational fears of the dentist, squirrels, birds, and feet. My memory totally sucks, unless you want to know what I was wearing to things like getting my vaccines for Kindergarten. (Green Winnie the Pooh dress, ruffle butt tights, and black Mary Janes.)

I have given myself a concussion while cooking dinner, glued my pants to my leg, and many many other things that prove that I should live in a bubble. Or a very padded room. 

Thanks for stopping by! You should tell me the longest you've lived in one place since becoming an adult. So I can have more proof that 2 1/2 years is NOT a long time...

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Lisanne said...

Hi there! :) I'm Lisanne, and I found you through 5 Minutes for Mom. Let's see, the longest I've lived in one place since adulthood ... well, that would be our current location. We moved here in November 2003, so almost seven years!

Courtney (Women Living Well) said...

Oh my word! You are one busy mommy!!!! So glad to meet you through the blog party!!!

I'm a mommy of 2 two - and I homeschool!

Stop by and visit me here:


I am Harriet said...

Hi there Sara.
I'm stopping by the via the Blog Party to say hello.
This is so much fun!

Have a great Saturday!

Jenny said...

オッス! Nice to meet you! :D Just stopping by from the party to say howdy. Love your blog.

Have a great weekend and happy UBP! :D And hope to see you stop by sometime!!


Brooke from The Bluestocking Guide said...

Hi Sara! Nice to meet you!

I'm visiting from UBP! Hope you can drop by my Party!!

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

Hello, I’m here for the party!

My name is Niki and I am your newest reader. I look forward to reading on to get to know you better.

Come on by and visit me during the party; I’m hosting a giveaway you won’t want to miss!

Amanda Daybyday said...

Oh, respect to you! Wow.
Dropping by from the UBP party.
I also drink too much coffee, and diet pepsi. Oh, but it's SO good.

Amber Page Writes said...

Well, hello! Why haven't I found you before now? Love your blog...

MaggieK said...

Following from - 14 months apart, they must keep you busy.

Cheri said...

Popping by from the blog party. Longest stay in one place since becoming an adult...well...I was in co-op during I moved every 4 months. I got married right after school...and I've moved 3 times in the last 11 years. The longest stay is 4.5 years at our current place. I didn't think I moved that much until I wrote it down. :-)

Janene said...

Congratulations on your decision to go back to school. Best of luck.

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Coupon Teacher said...

I am a teacher too. 4th grade! Hope you will stop by to see me!

Cher said...

Saying Hi from the Ultimate Blog Party!
Visit my party post
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Sara @ Embracing Destiny said...

Hi from another Sara! Does it drive you nuts when people constantly add an "h" to the end???

The longest we've lived in one place is 8 years. Since then, it's been 5 states in 6 years -- and we're not even military! LOL