Thursday, September 24, 2009

Oh Belated Births...

My life was only sort of changed when Big Z was born. I mean, of course it was drastically different, but caring for a baby is not the most difficult thing I've ever done. Honestly, passing high school Physics is the hardest thing I've ever done. I am one of the lucky women, to whom parenting comes fairly natural. The part of parenting that DID change my life was when I realized that that baby I was taking care of was a PERSON. A real live PERSON. I don't know if I realized this after I took this photo: Or maybe this one: I do know when this one was taken, I had no idea what I was in for as she got older, although, in hind sight I could have figured it out. All I do know is that I realized it before Stacy took this picture the day Little Z was born... In between this picture: And this one: She became a person. A real live person who is helpful... ...a wonderful big sister... ...silly... ......a fierce friend... ...crazily beautiful... ...and my mini me. In the first 5 years of her life, this child has moved more times than I did in the first 20 of mine. She rolls with it, takes what's thrown at her, and tries to make it something better. (Or a weapon of mass destruction depending on her mood.) I may not have loved every minute of her life, and there are days where I wish I could sell her to the gypsies, but I can say that having her around has been one of the greatest adventures of my life.

Happy Birthday Zephina Tamra. I love you.
(And while I am posting this today, her birthday was actually yesterday. I say if she can wait to be born 4 days past her due date, I can wait a day past her birthday to blog about it!)

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melody is slurping life said...

A very sweet birthday post. LOL at that dirty face photo.

Happy Belated birthday to a beautiful girl.

SarahHub said...

Oh, this is so sweet! I love the pictures and hearing what a great sister she is!

Rebecca said...

My first was 2 weeks late. After being 2 weeks late she put me through 24 hours of labor. Then she cried for the first 3 months......but God, I do love the little angel.

Your daughters are beautiful