Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 8: Quotably Annoying

In the same way that I didn't have to think very hard to come up with my favorite quote, I certainly don't have to think to come up with a quote I despise so much it makes me feel very stabby.

"The only man who is worth your tears, will never make you cry"

Who came up with that? And can I get some of whatever they were on?

Seeing as this is a quote clearly directed at girls/women it is an inherently flawed ideal. Sure, no one wants to be with a guy who makes them cry all the time, but more often than not don't all girls cry for no apparent reason?

I mean, sure, anyone "worth your tears" should probably try their best to avoid making you cry. I'll give you that. That is a very good quality to look for in a partner. It is not, however, always something the other party does on purpose. Paul has made me cry before. Never out of spite mind you, but I cried just the same. Many times, he doesn't even know WHAT he did to start the water works. That's not his fault.
That's just how girls and guys are wired. I'm wired to cry if he tells me what I made for dinner tastes like licking the inside of a dumpster, and he's wired to not understand that it's not that really the dirty socks all over the floor that is upsetting to me. It's an underlying issue that's making my mascara run.

Also? I know more girls who cry harder when they are happy than they do if they are sad, hurt, or angry. So if you follow the logic of this quote, if your guy proposes at the top of the Empire State Building and you burst into tears of joy, you should tell him no, because he's "not worth your tears". I know that's not the spirit in which this was written, but it's a very valid argument anyway.

Anyway you look at it however, I'm really sick of hearing it. It's Dora the Explorer levels of obnoxious.

2 Thoughts on This:

Heather said...

It is interesting, and you make a very valid point. The whole point of being a girl is having the ability to cry at will and not actually be expected to explain why.

Happy tears or not.

There are four "men" that have made me cry more in my thirty-five years than all other situations combined:
My Dad, husband, and two sons.

And it ain't over yet.

So preach it, Sister. I am totally on board with you.

Tiff said...

I agree...the men I love most, and who love me the most have the greatest ability to make me cry. I pretty much hate this quote too.