Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ohhhhhhh! I'm telling! You said a bad word!!!

There is a word written on the white board in my dining room where I write down everything I need to remember. Groceries, random appointments, the 2,000 digit phone numbers of the people I need to call.

Today, there is actually a word on the board that I don't really want people to see when they walk in my house. Which means I have to run some errands ASAP.

The word?

c***cap n. A hat worn by military personnel who are wearing the dress uniform.

The "c" word is up there  on the list of words I cannot stand. I don't recall EVER using it in everyday conversations.

And yet hilarious, because I realized I don't know what it's ACTUALLY called.

Thanks, Dad. This is 138% your fault.

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