Sunday, August 01, 2010


A sunshine award? SUNSHINE? Really Tiff?

You've known me HOW long? Since when am I a ray of sunshine?!

And a LOVELY blog? You mean this thing I write on maybe 4 days out of 30?

Are you sucking up for some reason? If you are, I say keep up the good work.*

Okay, so, I was passed these two awards by my darling Tiffany. And it's got rules.

Those rules are as follows...

A) Thank the person who gave them to you.
2) List 7 random things about yourself.
III) Pass it along to another 7 people.

Since I CLEARLY should talk about myself more, here goes...

1) My "happy place" for dentist appointments is the Cog Railway at Pike's Peak. Seeing what Katherine Lee Bates saw while writing America the Beautiful is overwhelmingly awesome.

2) I am irrationally afraid of squirrels, birds, and fish. I know that the fears are irrational, and yet, I can't overcome them. I should probably get a therapist.

3) I hate shopping for clothes for myself. I'd much rather shop for decor for my house. I'm never happy with how anything looks, and change things around every few months.

4) I am not prejudice. I hate everyone equally.

5) I drove on the Autobahn for the first time today. After living in Germany for 412 days.

6) Although I attended every home football game for 4 years in high school, I have no idea what the actually rules are. My version of them goes: The fat guys in spandex with the ball are the good guys, and the other fat guys in spandex are the bad guys and the bad guys are trying to get the ball from the good guys so they can switch roles.

7) I saw the movies The Talented Mr Ripley, The Beach, and American Beauty in the same weekend in 2000. I am pretty sure that this can be blamed for much of my lack of mental stability. They are the most messed up movies I have ever seen.

Now I have to pass this along. Pretty sure I don't have 7 bloggers to tag...

Let's see...
We'll go with...


* This is my version of a "thank you, you're too sweet" statement.

3 Thoughts on This:

Uncork and Unwined said...

I drove on the Autobahn for the first time yesterday! It was quite the experience and I can now cross it off my bucket list. There are some crazy drivers out there! Why anyone would want to drive over 130ish kph, I have no idea.

Tiff said...

I know, the "Sunshine" thing threw me too, but if you make me smile, EVER, it counts. And you do - lots. :-D

Heather said...

ACK! I am so sorry that I am just now seeing this.

Forgive me?

Thanks so much for the award!

I shall be posting it directly.