Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 6: My Day

My day went a little something like this.

0600 ~ Get up, dressed, mop the floor in the living room/playroom.
0630-1700 ~ Feed little kids, read books, wipe butts, blow noses, and play mediator for 4 children ranging in age from almost 2 to almost 6.
1700 ~ Run to the bank, check mail, get phone call about a car.
1800 ~ Drive 30 minutes to the Army base, look at car, make plans to purchase said car on Thursday.
1930 ~ Start driving home, get told by GPS to turn on an entrance ramp to the Autobahn that currently doesn't exist.
1956 ~ Start cursing at the GPS lady for telling us to "make a U-Turn where possible" for the 80th time.
2100 ~ Finally make it home, fix dinner, lock the kids in their room.
2300 ~ Write this post and go to bed.

5 Thoughts on This:

Brat said...

Buying a car? DO TELL!

Gone SIX HOURS????????????


Sara @ Life With the Two said...

Not 6, just 3. Still, it was a long day!

Tiff said...

Your day sounds harder than mine was, and I did a crud-load of crap...

Heather said...

Your day will always be harder than mine. Hands down.

Mama Sparrow said...

i hate your post because it's all military time...and we all know that I don't do military time. So there. :P