Thursday, April 01, 2010

You Capture ~ Feet

I have to say about 1200 things before I show you my capture of the week.

First, I almost opted out of this week. (Which I usually do out of sheer forgetfulness. But that's not my point.) This week I was going to refuse to participate on principle. That principle being I loathe feet. Absolutely LOATHE them. Like, my husband and I didn't sleep under the same blanket for the first year we were married. To this day, I make sure there is something in between our legs on the bed, because heaven forbid his feet touch me while we sleep.

I'm not even particularly fond of baby feet. I mean, I know they are so cute because they are tiny and hello! on a baby, but they hold no magic for me. Baby fingernails, eyelashes, and ears are my kryponite in that regard.

Also, if you don't go check out Beth's capture for the week you will be sad. Because, while it's still a picture of FEET, it's fabulous.

And, this week You Capture is hosted by Kelli, because Beth is otherwise preoccupied. Obviously.

Now, my capture.

This one foot uncovered thing must be genetic. So while, I don't smile because it's a FOOT, I do smile because it's HER foot. And it's just like mine.


6 Thoughts on This:

Bec said...

Feet freak me out too AND I'm a one foot out kind of person.

Adeena said...

I'm a one-foot-out kinda person, too! :)

Very cute.

keli @ kidnapped by suburbia said...

for some reason, our own kid's feet aren't so bad, eh?

thank you for participating this week!

Jen said...

I'm not a fan of male feet, but baby feet and feet with painted toenails are okay.

kristenly said...

everything about our children are precious.

Melissa said...

Cute shot! I also sleep with one foot out of the blankets, but I'm sure I don't look that cute doing it! :-)