Thursday, April 01, 2010

PSA ~ From Daycare Providers Everywhere

Parents of small children, please listen closely.

It IS possible to do TOO MUCH for your child.

Now, I'm not talking giving them the best of everything that you possibly can. I'm not talking about being too much of an advocate for your children. I'm talking about simple, basic life skills. Yes, I understand that sometimes it's easier to just put their jackets, shoes, pants, shirts on yourself. I get that. I really do. I understand you cleaning up every mess they make for them, because again, it's easier to do it yourself. What I don't think we realize as parents, is that this is NOT GOOD.

It is really okay for your 3 year old to wipe up his own spilled milk. It's completely okay for your 2 year old to try and put his own clothes on. It's okay for them to brush their own teeth. Self help skills are so important, I do not feel like I can thoroughly express it properly.

Please please please I'm begging you. Let your kids do things for themselves. It's not only important later in life, but it's REALLY GOOD for their self esteem.

This message brought to you by the letters Shut. and Up. Also, by the number Idon'tcareifhelookedatyoufunny.

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