Thursday, November 12, 2009

Things That Bother Me...

(Yes, I missed a day. I wrote a Veteran's Day post, and forgot to post it. I'm a dork. We know.) I am terrible at following directions when I don't have "real" directions to follow. Paulo's directions to the shoppette were "Drive till you can't go straight anymore, turn right, and then turn right at the park". Guess what directions don't really work well in reverse? So while on my way home tonight, I got to find two things that perplex me. For one, why in the WORLD is there half an apartment building that is completely decorated for Christmas? Now, I get doing this right at Thanksgiving. I'll even give you leeway and say the day BEFORE Thanksgiving. But fully decorated on November 12th? Really?! And also, how crappy would it be to be the only people still living in your building? I saw one building that had one car parked in front of it. And there was only one apartment with it's lights on. This apartment? Was on the third floor. So not only are they the ONLY ones there, they are up three flights of stairs. So they get a crappy building AND a crappy apartment. That must completely suck.

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Brat said...

These are the types of things *I* notice and it pretty much reinforces my knowledge of just how messed up you truly are.

This is precisely why we get along so well.