Sunday, July 19, 2009

I Know Why They Are Mad!

(Disclaimer: Total stereotyping is about to happen on this post!) I know why Germans look so pissed off all the time. I finally figured it out. I thought it was because their language is so harsh, and sounds as though you are trying to cough something up. But no, their anger has nothing to do with that. They are mad because THEY DON'T KNOW HOW TO THROW AWAY THEIR GARBAGE!! Let me show you what I mean. This lovely piece of plastic is the trash bag in which you throw your plastics, foils, and metals. Nothing else. This container is for paper and cardboard. This cute little container sitting on my kitchen table is for bio. As in anything that is biodegradable. So, kitchen scraps. It has a handy dandy little odor stopper on top, so if I forget to empty one night (into brown paper bags, or newsprint ONLY) my kitchen won't smell like the dump. And here we have the container for glass. There is no garbage truck that comes around and picks up the glass. You have to take it yourself to the special truck just outside of town to get rid of it. At the rate this can is filling up, we may only have to go once a year. And this is the "all other" trash container. If it isn't glass, plastic, foil, metal, food, paper, or cardboard, it goes in here. I'm not sure what is actually supposed to NOT go in here, so we are using it for the items we have no freakin' clue where to put. (I was throwing the vacuum seal meat packages in here, till Hubs "reminded" me that they are plastic.) We have three fliers around here somewhere, explaining in German, English, and French how to use the trash containers. Outside, we have three containers. PLUS, there is a really hard to comprehend schedule that we follow to put the trash out on the curb. So difficult to understand actually, that we just follow what the lady next door has set out! I do believe that Auschwitz may have been reopened, and is now being used to house those who can't throw away their garbage properly.

3 Thoughts on This:

Heather said...

Ok. I am many miles away and that totally stressed me out.

Butterfly Kisses said...

where do poop diapers go?

Brat said...

The Boy would DIE in Germany.

"TOO MANY RULES!" he would scream.