Thursday, June 18, 2009

I can't believe it took 10 years...

I want to come here, to my own "public" forum (you know, with my 7 readers) and let you all know that I suck. It's never been a secret to me. I've known a long time. And I guess I have just taken it for granted that some people don't realize that it's a part of me. Life came up while I was home in Indiana, and I did not get to see some people that I would have cut off my right arm to see. I feel terrible about it, and hadn't been able to come up with the "right" words to let one of the people in particular know that I was truly sorry. And it has come back to bite me right in the ass. Did I mean to hurt this person? No. Was it my own stupidity that caused this? Yes. Do I expect this person to want to talk to me again? No, but I hope they do. So people, don't be as ignorant as I am. Stop trying to find the right words, and just hope (and know) that "I'm sorry" is enough. Hey you. If you're reading this, really, I'm sorry.

1 Thoughts on This:

Anonymous said...

1) You don't suck.

2) You just DID something sucky.

3) I've done it a million times myself, and I still have friends. Miracle of miracles. :-)

4) I think you're a tall drink of awesome.