Thursday, June 18, 2009

Where Have I Been?

Well, for starters, I was in St Louis. Then Atlanta. Then Baltimore. And now, the KMC. (Kaiserslautern Military Community). That's right folks, I am blogging to you from Germany, and it's about time! However, I would prefer to be back in Colorado, in my house, settled in. I do not like the feeling of being unsettled, and at the rate we are going we are NEVER going to be completely settled in. I just have a feeling. To help you get the full effect of what we've been going through, the next few days I will be blogging about the last few days. (Saturday through Tuesday) It's really been that HORRIBLE of an experience. And I think I hate Germany. (For now!) ******************************************************* We were scheduled to leave for the airport at 3 am, because it was 5 hours away in St Louis. (Stupid military rule about flying out of the same place as you ship your car...) I ended up packing at the last minute like I always do, and got maybe an hour and a half of sleep. And of course we left closer to 430 than 3. Which was fine, because our flight didn't leave till early afternoon. We stopped at the "usual" coffee stop just before getting on the interstate, and HOLY CARP that was the worst decision of the hour. I have tasted some pretty gross coffee, and so has the Hubs, but this stuff was gross and bitter after 4 flavored creams, and roughly 8 packets of sugar. Since we had gotten onto the interstate, my dad placed my cup of nasty coffee into the cup holder upfront. Paul's coffee was ALSO not drinkable, and it was the stuff out of the cappuccino machine. The bagged stuff! It was sitting in the cupholder too. (Which is really important to know in a minute.) We were driving along, and about 35 minutes into our drive, I'm in that state of awareness where you aren't really asleep, but you aren't awake either, and all of the sudden the car is swerving, tires are squealing, and curse words are flying. All I can see from my spot in the back seat, crammed next to Big Z's car seat, is what looks like a building flying towards us. I could have sworn we were about to crash. Turns out, some jerk decided at the last second to NOT exit, and ended up actually touching the front tire of our car, causing us to spin out. Luckily, Paul was driving, and did a great job of only letting us spin around twice, and not hit the semi that was behind us, and also, not dying. The coffee on the other hand, thought Paul's shower wasn't sufficient. But at least it wasn't GOOD coffee!

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