Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Since we are moving soon, we decided not to pick out a new artificial tree, that we will just have to lug over seas, and then lug back. We probably will not have that much storage space. So, I did little decorating this year. The new "theme" for my holiday decorations is a Victorian Christmas. And it makes me want to dress up in period clothing to celebrate. Here's what started it. Santa's head. He is gorgeous. So that lead to me discovering (with Holly's help, she saw Mr Clause here first...) the entire line of Victorian ornaments. In my garland there is a bird, an angel, a sled, and Santa. As well as the pretty "berries" and coordinating green poinsettias. I just love it, and can't wait until next year to make a wreath to go with my garland!

2 Thoughts on This:

Fiona said...

That looks like fun!

Next year, you could make Victorian hot drinks and maybe a Victorian cookie, too.

I think Victorian Christmas decorations are perfectly lovely - that's the period when people really brought Christmas home, anyway, and when it really focused on children. So it's nice for people who really love Christmas and all its family-oriented elements.

Wings said...

Beautiful and classy. Small business idea?