Friday, November 14, 2008

Daycare license!!!!

Today, I should have my daycare license. At any rate, Monday, I am officially open for business. And since it's the week before Thanksgiving, I thought I would share a wonderful little site that I found, that supplied me with enough Thanksgiving related games, that I have to do almost nothing this week! (Except, you know, feed the kids!)

I found an adorable little file folder game with Pilgrims and turkeys in the Free Printables section that is too cute! I am low on ink, so I got to play "little kid" for a moment, and colored it in myself. I'll go this weekend to our local Mardell's and have it laminated. I love file folder games. They are a great quiet time activity, and the kids learn, and don't even know it, cause it's a GAME!! Yay for tricking kids into learning!
There are more sites that I have discovered recently, and I promise to share with you soon!

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And huzzah for keeping you lazy ;) with the sites I mean... I'll need them eventually, ya?

Party of 5 said...

It's always great to have someone to be lazy with....LOL. BTW did you get that link I sent you. It rocks even more then this one. SHHHH