Friday, October 17, 2008

Um...I get it, but so Unnecessary...

I'm watching my boyfriend, Tony (Anthony Bourdain) on the travel channel. Like I've been doing when I'm bored each day. (My house has been clean because of daycare inspections that are seemingly never happening) I just saw a commercial more disturbing than the scrap dental gold commercial. In college, my friend Erika (not Erica) gave a speech. The first line of this speech was "Body hair is raunch." I could not agree more with someone. I am not a fan of people who look like they are wearing sweaters when they are, in fact, nekkid. So I was just completely grossed out by a half nekkid Harrison Ford getting his chest hair waxed. The point was something about rain forest reduction. I knew a minute ago, but now, not so much because all I keep seeing in my head is HIS CHEST HAIR. ...pardon me while I go throw up... Okay. All better. Now I know some people LIKE that sort of thing. And in a way, some hair is fine. As in, arm hair and leg hair. So I guess I just draw the line at massive amounts of fur on the chest. And ANY amount of back hair should be against the law. (I once dated a guy whom I forced to Nair his back on a monthly schedule.)

I must remind you. Body hair is raunch. And can someone please tell me why Indiana Jones felt it necessary to share? Hasn't he heard that a little mystery is a good thing?

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Megan said...

For as much as you call Noah a hippie, he's not as hairy as one ;) you'd be happy to know I caught one with no hairy chest or back =D lol