Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Okay then. That's probably wrong.

You know when you type something into Google, and it yells at you. With it's pompous know it all attitude? The did you mean...? That makes me crazy. If it already knows what I mean, why doesn't it just correct it for me? I think however, that MS Word is getting in on the "Sara is an idiot" conspiracy. I was finishing up some daycare training, and typed the word "playdoh". It of course underlined it in red, to alert me that I'm stupid and cannot spell. usually, I have to change that stuff immediately. This one though, I let slide for a while, because I was almost done with my "homework". As I ran the final spell check, it came to that word, and I literally laughed out loud. Like the idiot Word and Google think I am. The first word to pop up in spellcheck was Playboy. Kinda gives a whole new outlook to the daycare inventory list I was typing, don't ya think?! (Blogger thinks Playdoh should be Playboy too. Except it isn't the first option for them.)

2 Thoughts on This:

Aunt Becky said...

Weight Watchers, when I did it online often mocked my weight loss. Damn condescending computer.

Brat said...

I hope you realize that if you had typed in 'play doh' [two words] you would not have gotten 'yelled' at.


But! Playboy DOES furnish you with lovely pictures for your walls. If the kids didn't like them, I bet some of the parents would.