Wednesday, October 08, 2008

And I Still Haven't Learned

Long ago, about a year ago, I would repeatedly leave the base and realize as I was trying to get back on, that I did not have my ID. I've been known to need an escort to my house. (Let's not forget, that the gate guard with the HUGE ears can call me by the wrong name. While telling me he doesn't know if I am allowed on base.) Tonight, I had to make a Wally World run for an emergency printer cable. When I opened my wallet to take out my debit card, I noticed that I did NOT have my ID. Or my cellphone. I really almost had a heart attack in the checkout lane. The last place I remembered having it was in the car with my MIL. The car she had rented for the weekend. That is presently in Denver. It was not okay. Lucky for me, it was in MY car. And I was allowed to come home. Where I have been printing pictures to hang in my living room, and labeling the daycare playroom. Can you tell I'm procrastinating? I'm 85% done with everything I need to do. And I might even just go to bed (I am worn out, even though I took a nap) and do the other 15% of work in the morning. But do I want to get up early? Being a grown up sucks!

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Bloggin' Mama said...

I DID leave my ID in a rental car once....... and we lived on base at the time. That was fun!