Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Wedding Post ~ Congrats Mike and Jo ~

Flower girls get really sleepy when you make them get up before noon (after they tell you the night before that they don't know how to get beauty sleep!) and then put curlers in their hair. Poor thing couldn't keep her head up straight with 20 hot rollers in her hair for about two hours.
This is what happened when we took them out. By we, I mean myself and Claire the Klutzy Bridesmaid. Love the girl to death. But she's clumsier than I am. Which is saying a lot, considering... This is Claire and Little Z. She was sucking up by feeding the little garbage disposal. At the rehearsal dinner, she put away more sushi than any of the grown ups. I think. Wouldn't be surprised. The bride's parents were amazed at her!
Pre-ceremony pictures were great. Here's our twins for the day. Their dresses were basically identical. Jo's dress had more embellishments of course, but wow, they were so beautiful.
This is my favorite picture from the wedding. Taken from my seat. I didn't know that behind the bride's parents is where the mother of the flower girl sits, but hey. If it gets me awesome pictures like this, I'll take it!
Kids afterward. It was a kid less wedding, which was actually kind of nice, except, mine HAD to be there. Grrrrr!
The chapel and reception hall were on the same site. So this is from left to right, Travis, Mikey, and Ross (The groom's brothers and son) and then *Z*, Hubs, and *z*. I got left behind to fetch Big Z's change of clothes. Again. I'll take it. I love the shot. (Mikey is *Z*'s future husband. Although he refuses now. I'm working on building her dowry. He WILL be my son in law one day!!!)
After her wardrobe change. Dancing with Jo. Sooo cute!
She danced with her daddy a lot too. Although, she was about five seconds from falling asleep when I took this picture! Unlike Little Z, who passed out at a little past 730. She stayed like this. And I think Jo and Mike will have about 9,000 pictures of her in their disposable cameras that they put on the tables. Everyone came by to snap a picture. Or to tell me how adorable and well behaved the demons were. They were all drunk. I firmly stand by that statement. And here's me and my big girl. She's almost FOUR people. I can't handle it. But wow. We were cute! (Props to Holly for my non-afro hair do! I have a lot of hair for a white girl. Just ask her. She'll tell ya!)

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Megan said...

Aww... I want one.. A wedding I mean! And the luck to have beautiful babies who take great pictures even when they're asleep.