Friday, August 29, 2008

If it's not one thing...

Today was day 1 of moving, and it has been one of the longest days of my life. It started last night, well, early this morning. I hadn't gone to bed yet, so technically, it was STILL YESTERDAY. (Baby Sister and I came up with that years ago. Made us feel better about sleeping till noon.) I was putting my pajamas. For some reason (probably because I am a true blonde) I tripped on air. Or the waistband of my shorts, who knows. What I do know, is that to catch myself, I put my leg down on the ground. Instead of my whole foot, only my big toe hit, and all of my weight on it. The toe is most definately broken. It hurts so much I think it would have hurt less to chop it off. (I also think that I should cut my head off when I get headaches.) We then got up early and got ready to start the move by going to the housing office and picking up our keys. While driving to the house, I tell the Hubs that if we end up with the blue counters I will shoot myself. I should have NOT said that. Because about a minute after being in the house, Hubs said "Nice knowing you!"

The other thing you will notice in this picture, besides the flourescent baby blue counters, is that there is a giant plug,, and a hole where "something" should be. We didn't have a FRIDGE!!!! To make it an even better story is that the housing lady (who was making sure that we could get in) said

"Well that's funny. It was here yesterday."

Yeah. That's really funny lady! She said she would "get back to us" about the fridge. I was NOT going to go very long without cold storage. I have ice cream to worry about! She called back a bit later, telling us that the maintenance people had noticed the motor had gone out in the other one, so they were planning on replacing it before the new tenants were scheduled to move it.

Who are these new tenants? And I hope they don't snore.

Not only did we NOT HAVE A FRIDGE! (Yes, I know that people buy houses without appliances, but we have no other options for on base housing) My ID was missing. Is missing actually. Big Z is pleading the First born. She didn't do it. z chimped it up and threw it away. (Chopped) We can't find it.

Then there was a HUGE issue with getting a replacement one. Involving me (again) threatening someone with bodily harm, or pulling the "my husband outranks you" card. I hope I never have to play that in situations like that. I can't stand people who do that. That's another rank for another day. An uneventful day.

I moved three loads of stuff and will move a bunch more tomorrow. With help. Because my friends are beyond awesome. It's why I keep them. Their awesomeness.

There will be pictures tomorrow. Of the house. And I'm going to need y'all help. I'm going to have an extra room. Input will be appreciated, but not till tomorrow.

(Little Z pooped in the tub again too. Because it wasn't a crappy enough day!)

6 Thoughts on This:

Brat said...

The blue. I am speechless. [Although The Boy would like those. A LOT!] I keep thinking you won't be putting your KitchenAid mixer out on those.

I can't believe she pooped in the tub AGAIN! OMG! ROFL! [sorry]

Well, you should know that your life will always be "exciting" one way or another, kiddo.

Brat said...

Oh, and I am really sorry about the toe. Having broken mine so many times... well, I have felt your pain.

StacyRenee said...

it could be a lot worse. in Europe we got very lucky with brown cabinets. our neighbor had bright orange metal ones I'll show you a pic whenever I find one

Faerylandmom said...

I still think we should go with the baby shower thing in your kitchen...but that's just me. :-)

And, if it weren't totally gross, creepy, and weird, I'd kiss your toe all better for you. :-) If that helps.

Aunt Becky said...

As someone who happens to love all that is tacky, when I say I'm repulsed by the blue, you know it's bad.

Megan said...

Blue!? Ummm.... Get a GIANT cutting board and put it on top.... or something. But then you would have two surfaces to clean.

Paul told us about the toe and had us rofling... sorry! Pictures?