Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Love Ready to Assemble Swedish Furniture

I have had three major purchases on my "Must Save Up to Buy" list for a while now.

One thing I always wanted, but never had room for, was a cubby type deal for an entryway. A beautiful place to store coats and shoes and random things that need kept by the door. ( We're a family full of people who forget where they put their coats and shoes.) 

What I wanted was this...

The problem with this is two fold. It's huge, and we live in a tiny apartment (none of our other bigger houses had room for anything like this either) and it's $1,600. I am way too cheap for that kind of thing. Even if I do absolutely love it. 

I decided that I needed to find something I loved just as much, but wasn't as pricey. So yesterday, my friend Mandi and I made an IKEA run. And I got this...

We'll add another shelving unit across the bottom soon, to act as a bench.

Much better than just some hooks behind the door. And the bins will hold all the hats and gloves and shin guards my children love to lose 20 minutes before they actually need them! And if I decide later I don't like it, or we move and don't have a place, the bookcases match Paul's desk, so they can be put in the office. I love versatile things like that! (Also? This was under $200. My bank account likes this one better too!)

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Tiff said...

One reason I heart Ikea so much! I'm busy imagining such a lovely item myself. Ideally, Levi & I will get the closet behind our door, and the cubby unit thingy will be for my kids, as well as any other kiddos that come here.

I love your arrangement too - it looks great!