Sunday, September 26, 2010

Gone, but Never Forgotten

There is a club whose mere existence makes me weep. An exclusive club that no one is clamoring to join. One that exists, but should not need to.  It angers me. I look upon it's members in awe. And sadness.

A Gold Star mother.

The mother of any person who has given their life in defense of a nation they love. A soldier. An Airman. A Sailor. A Marine. A member of the Coast Guard. Someone who said they loved their country so much, it was worth risking life and limb.

These mothers did an amazing job of raising such selfless individuals. It doesn't take a Hero to order men into battle. It takes a Hero to be one of those men who goes into battle. These women clearly raised heros.  

As a military wife of nearly 7 years, I should be greatly affected by the lose of many friends, and some family. The country has been at war for 9 years. I married into it. I should know people who have received the dreaded knock on the door. Some how, I have avoided this. With the odds stacked against such a thing, I only know one Gold Star mother.

On April 27, 2007, my former boss Rhonda, lost her son, while he served a tour of duty in Fallujah. He was barely 20 years old.

So tonight, in honor of Rhonda (and her entire family) and in memory of PFC David A. Kirkpatrick, I light a candle.

And in honor and memory of every Gold Star mother and their children.

They may be gone, but they will always be loved and never forgotten.

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Mama Sparrow said...

I couldn't imagine the pride and pain a gold star mother feels. So nice of you to take the time to do something in remembrance of her son..and her. :D