Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 20: This Month

So, this month? You want to hear about this month? Okay. Here's a picture montage.

Cupcake dishtowels from Ikea

My Renee brought me a giant bottle of wein. 

Some brat spilled Mandi's coffee all over the park.
New favorite restaurants were discovered.
Flowers started blooming, 3 months after being planted.
Zeph got new hair bows in the mail.
Zoe kept being evil-y adorable.

Soccer season started.

It got really really hot, and then really really cold. It rained. It was busy. And slow. And it's not yet over. There's still a kindergarten open house to go to. An in home visit with Zeph's new teacher, school supplies to purchase, and curriculum planning for my preschoolers. 

Which probably will end in my being locked up in the looney bin.

4 Thoughts on This:

Mandi said...

I did not spill it one of the evils did!!!!

Tiff said...

Sigh...blooming flowers. The only things in my "garden" that bloom are weeds. Hmph. You suck.

(Look at me, getting all mean!)

Brat said...

I love the dish towels. And all the pictures.

I love YOU, too.


Heather said...

First of all, I LOVE those dish towels.

Secondly, the soccer picture is too cute. She is all, "And?!"

Love it.