Saturday, August 07, 2010

Day 2: First Love

When people say you couldn't pay them to be 16 again, I have to giggle to myself. I would be 16 again in a heartbeat. It was an amazing year, in which I formed the friendships that would become the most important for the rest of my life.

For the sake of many many people, I can't really go into detail about my first love. It was (and still is) a very interesting relationship. The part of the story I can tell you, makes me sound like a total bitch. (And I completely admit I was.)

I don't remember exactly how Jephie and I started talking. I was a junior, and he was a freshman. We had that whole minor flirtation going for a while, and after a couple of months of doing everything in my power to get him to ask me out, I told another friend that if he didn't ask me out by some random Tuesday, I was going to give up.

So he did. And life was good. I fell hard for him. He was (and still is) one of the sweetest guys I've ever known. He would have done anything for me, he was an awesome listener and was really cute. And he put up with me being a total dork. We were cute together.

And then. And then, one night on the phone, he told me he loved me. After two weeks. I was 95% sure that I was "in" love with him, but I felt like it was way too soon. So very very very too soon. And I broke up with him. Because I suck.

We ended up getting back together. And breaking up. And getting back together. Many times.

While I haven't been IN love with him for a very long time, I will always love him as a very dear friend. And I think in that regard I am very very lucky.

Even if he is a big jerk. ;)

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Heather said...

Are you kidding? There we go, living the same life again. ;)