Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 15: My Dreams

I can't decide how to interpret this topic.

Are we talking my dreams as in what pictures are in my head when I sleep?

Are we talking my dreams as in, what I want to be when I grow up?

I'm just not sure.

The dreams I have when I am sleeping? I usually don't remember them. Unless, in the dream I get really mad at someone. When that happens, I usually wake up mad at the person for whatever they did in dream land. And then I look like an ass because they didn't ACTUALLY do anything.

As far as what I'm going to do with the rest of my life, I have so many things I am passionate about, that I may never decide on just one.

I want to work with children with special needs. While I say right now I want to do that in the form of being a teacher, that's not my only option. There are tons of things that could fill this part of me. It's not a decision that only has one "right" outcome.

I want to be a photographer of some kind. And really, taking amazing pictures for myself and my family will fill that, so I don't HAVE to become some kind of professional to do it. I just love to click a shutter button and capture life as it's happening. I'm not one for posed portraits. I'd take an enlarged photo of my children laughing over something one of them said over one taken in a portrait studio where they are wearing forced smiles any day. It's life that is beautiful. Not matching white polo shirts and awkward poses.

I want to be "that" mom, that my daughters and their friends can come to me for advice. I want that slew of adopted children who come over and eat all the snack food in my house because they feel safe and loved in my home.

I want to be so many things. My dreams are not lofty ambitions. They aren't things that I cannot obtain. But just because they are my dreams, doesn't mean that if they come true I will happy.

You never know until you reach the top if it was worth the uphill climb...

3 Thoughts on This:

Mama Sparrow said...

I love this post...I want to be that mom with all the kids over at her house as well....I was always THAT kid for my friends' parents...I feel like I need to return the favor in a it forward.

Tiff said...

I want to be "that mom" too. Since I was a kid, I've wanted this, because my mom was "that mom." I love this post, Sara...

...and if I know you at all, I know that you're one of the fortunate few who will recognize the open doors when you see them, and will have the wisdom to go through.

Brat said...

I have a cousin who works with special needs folks and teaches them every day things about getting on in the world, such as how to eat nicely around other people. She has a lot of funny stories, of course, and I could talk to her for days.

Suffice to say she no longer eats her lunch when they do.

I was one of those moms when Tiffany became a teen, by the way. I felt blessed that they would ask me the difficult questions all the while knowing I wouldn't lie to them.

And they DID keep my fridge leftover free. :)