Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 13: This Week

Last week was busy.

On Sunday, I had extra kids so that one set of daycare parents could attend the Passion Play at Oberammergau. It occurs only every 10 years. One of those things where I could let a pesky thing like not having family in the country keep the parents from going. Once in a lifetime opportunity here.

Monday was work.

Tuesday was work. And a trip to Baumholder.

Wednesday I worked.

Thursday I worked. And I also turned 28. I opted not to make a big deal out of it this year. Kind of like how I really didn't have any Christmas spirit, I didn't really care about celebrating my birthday. Paulo also picked up our "new" car. A 2000 Dodge Intrepid. Can I tell you I feel like I'm driving a tank now? The thing is huge. Pretty sure it's just like driving a full sized van or some such.

Friday I worked. (Sensing a theme here?) We also got all of the Zeph's school clothes in the mail. She is going to be one of the cutest kindergarteners ever. I heart The Children's Place and Target.

Saturday I had extra kids again. This time so my friend Mandy and her hubby could go up to Europa Park to celebrate his birthday and act like kids without kids in tow.

Sunday, I was a suck-tastic friend and mom and forgot all about a movie date we had with scheduled with friends. Mostly because my brain was mush, and also because we stood in line for 25 minutes at the BX checking to see if the new sofa I want or the bunk beds we need were in stock. Neither were. (Insert sad face here.)

And while today SHOULD be starting a new week, it's really just ending my weekend, so I got to run to Toys R Us and get Zephina a Ken doll, to hold up my end of the "if you learn to tie your shoes before school starts, I'll finally buy you a Ken doll deal".

**Random fact: Blogger thinks I am writing posts in German, so if I hit the spell check button it tells me almost every single word is misspelled. Except for Baumholder and Oberammergau, which my computer thinks are spelled wrong. I can't win!

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