Saturday, May 01, 2010

Unexpected Daily Convo

The other day, while I was off at the store, my children watched a show in which a deer gave birth. And because she REALLY is a little to observant, Zeph decided to ask me how momma deer give birth.

Now, this is not really a strange question. It's actually very normal. (Although I don't remember ever asking my parents about how babies were born. Like, ever.) So I explained to her that the babies come out of the momma deer's tummy through her vagina, and what that particular body part is for. She then asked "Well how do MOMMY mommies get the babies out of their tummies?"

Again, I responded with "They push the baby out of their tummy through their vaginas. Unless they are a c-section like you were, and then the baby is cut out of the mommy's tummy."

I THOUGHT her next question was going to be "Well how does the baby get IN the tummy?" but it was not. No, it was:

"What do you mean PUSHED out? LIke when you take a poop?"

The only thing I could say was "Something like that."

She walked away perfectly content with those answers. And hasn't brought it up since.

3 Thoughts on This:

Kim said...

LOL...oh, those are such fun questions...and you were saved...for the time being! TOOOOO funny!

Hatfields said...

Totally pooped her out. Next conversation is gonna be something involving her in a toilet.

Tiff said...