Monday, January 25, 2010

How I Shouldn't Meet Your Mother...

I rarely meet my neighbors under "normal" circumstances. When I met Holly, who lived two doors down from us, in the same town house complex, we had been neighbors for 8 months, and only met because I met a friend of hers during daycare training. I still like to tease her about being a snob, but really, we're both snobs, so it's okay. Maybe.
Today, the smoke alarm starting going off at 10. I am currently wearing a tee shirt, old man cardigan, and a pair of capri work out pants. I am all kinds of sexy today. While we were waiting outside in the snow, I sort of met our across the hall neighbor, and the lady who lives directly under us. (That poor woman.) It wasn't until I came back in that I realized that I am not wearing a tee shirt appropriate for the company of people who don't know me.
This is the shirt.
Anyone else think the neighbors think I'm a little full of myself?
**The fire alarm was going off because of a problem in an adjoining boiler room. We weren't in any danger. But I am glad to know that if something goes wrong down the way, we'll be notified on this end too.**

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SarahHub said...

Actually, that shirt makes me love you even more...