Thursday, October 22, 2009

Shower Scenes ala Hitchcock

Can I make a(nother) confession to you all? Of course I can! Why else would I have a blog? Once upon a time, my little brother took a baseball cleat to the calf. It was gross. But, since I'm awesome, I helped him get it all cleaned up and bandaged. We determined that his newly growing leg hair was going to cause problems keeping it clean and things. And in all my awesomeness, I shaved his leg for him. I think the idea of shaving BOTH legs was discussed. Being the older, wiser, and better looking family member, I said that it was a bad idea for some reason or another. Honestly I secretly hoped someone would notice the large, missing patch of leg hair, and make fun of him. That was the last time I ever wielded a razor against the leg hair epidemic and no blood was shed. It was also the first time I ever shaved someone else's legs. (The only time as well.) It never fails that I will cut myself while shaving. I am not sure why for and how's come this is the case. I honestly don't. I've tried switching razors and shaving creams. Each and every time I end up bleeding. 98% of those times are in the same place. The bottom of my shin. You know, where your ankle crinkles when you move your foot. I told Paul the other day that if they ever need him to identify a body presumed to be me, that the rows of scars would assist greatly in the identification. He gave me a look. I told him you never know when the gang of dancing ninja men who know how to twirl will make an appearance...

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