Thursday, September 03, 2009

It's like if NASCAR had a Slalom Course...**

I got my lazy butt up before dawn this morning, and took my driver's test. Now, I have had a license for the last 10 years, BUT driving in Europe is so different from driving in America it's the same. I learned all my signs, and most of the distances you are allowed to park from crosswalks, bus stops, and railroad crossings. On my last practice test last night, I got an 80%, which Hubs said was passing. At the office of the driver's license powers that be, I got the form, and discovered that an 85% is passing, and I deemed myself as failing. Nothing like a good dose of self confidence to help you do your best! (And gag moment: Hubs totally sent me a text that said "I know you will do great". He's so cute some days!) After a 30 minute video, covering the "important" parts of the test, and a slide show to go over the commonly missed questions, I finished the 2 hour test in under 20 minutes. Because I'm full of awesome... I passed with a 92%. Which is the same score Hubs got. Although, had I paid a bit more attention I would have gotten a 94. However, what is a day for me without a blonde moment or eleven. So, because I am now free to roam around the country, the girls and I dropped off Hubs and ran some errands on base. As soon as I said we were headed home, the backseat nag in *Z* showed up. Her first question/statement: "I hope you know the way home. You do, don't ya?" So I told her no, because I'm awesome. And den she starting questioning every turn, and answering herself. "Are you sure we are going the right way?" "Oh yeah, we are." "Aren't we supposed to do the other circle?" "Look! There's the circle!" "At this light, do we turn?""Oh yeah! We turn here!" And after tormenting me this way for the entire 15 minute drive home, she adds while getting out of the car, "Mommy, I can't believe you knew the way home. I'm so proud of you!" What a little jerk! ** NASCAR courtesy of roundabouts. Because Oh Em Gee! He's making a left turn! Oh Em Gee! He's making ANOTHER left turn! And slalom because the narrow roads! With curbside parking!

3 Thoughts on This:

Brat said...

Wow... back seat driving and she's not near old enough to get her own license!

Congrats on the 92%!

I thought you'd fail.

SarahHub said...

Congrats! Those European drivers scare me! Be safe!

Trina and Jophie said...

Just wanted to stop by and say HI sarah. Just ran onto an email you sent me waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back on 10/26/2008! YIKES! And yes I AM crazy cause I have emails that date back to 2/10/05 so your actually closer to the top...haha

Anyway just wanted to say hi and thank you for you kind email waaaaaaaaaay back when :0)

Trina and Jophie