Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Aunt Becky Does the KMC!

Since moving to Germany, we haven't had any visitors. (We've only been here for a couple of months...) Except, who should come to the door one morning? None other than Aunt Becky's business card! Since it's Germany, although still early, we cracked open the wine. (I'd have offered her beer, but I'm allergic so we don't keep it in the house!) Then we had Hubs drive us over to the BX, so she could go shopping for souvenirs. The first things we saw, were the Black Forrest Cuckoo clocks. Feeling bad about not having a beer at the house, and that this poor little lederhosen clad gnome was all alone, she sat down and kept him company for a few, while I shopped for the boring things at the BX, like laundry detergent. After all the wine and beer, we made a stop to Little Z's House of Horrors, otherwise known as the bathroom. While I tried to explain that the thing really does move and scare the heck out of my poor child, the seat did nothing. And Aunt Becky's card had to use a dirty toilet seat. After deciding that although a cuckoo clock with a beer drinking dude on it would be the PERFECT take home present for the real Aunt Becky, her business card decided that $3000 is WAY too much for a souvenir, no matter how full of the awesome it is. We finally found the BEST souvenir for Aunt Becky's card to send home to the real Aunt Becky, because after experiencing the awesomeness that is Germany, Aunt Becky's card is never leaving. Preferring to hang out in my wallet and turn into a kind of "roaming gnome" (not the cuckoo clock beer drinking one), Aunt Becky's card says that the post office is saying 6-8 weeks for delivery. Of this wonderful, amazingly hand crafted beer stein. Tchuss! (You can see what other shenanigans Aunt Becky's Business card has gotten into by going to this link right here!)

2 Thoughts on This:

Brat said...

That stein has TITS! =-O

Aunt Becky said...

I require the beer stein immediately!