Tuesday, March 10, 2009

PSA ~ No Pets Allowed!!

Today is a historic day in the House of Two Zs. I went to the gym. For an hour. And worked out! However... I must give the following Public Service Announcement... If you look like a poodle, and are really short and thin, do NOT get on the biggest elliptical machine in the room directly across from the "mean girl" on the stair master. For starters, mean girl on stair master is already ticked off that she is ON the stair master, and for two, it will ruin her workout trying to keep herself from laughing in your face. It is very rude to ruin some one's workout in that manner. ************************ PSA from Big Z: Do not tell complete strangers that your daddy is at Georgia. They don't care.

1 Thoughts on This:

Bloggin' Mama said...

Do your kids tell everyone when dad is TDY, too? Mine do, they even tell people where he is.... Lovely - let's announce we're all alone at home!!

When are you guys PCSing? Soon, right?