Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Best (Buy) Experience

I have been in the market for a new computer since before Paulo left for the desert in '07. My hard drive just died one day. I didn't even get the blue screen of death. Just dead. Since then, Paulo has gotten a new laptop to get him through a 5 month tour of the desert, and a new desktop in celebration of returning from said sand box in the same condition he left in. And also since then, the laptop has gone through three power cables. THREE. And I don't think it could take another one. It's allergic or something. Since taxes came back, and I had finally HAD IT with the D*ell, I told the hubs that I thought it was time to get a new laptop. And I actually had an even better reason than "I hate the one we have". When we move in (gulp) 12 weeks, we will only have the one laptop, for 6 weeks. And the hubs and I, we CANNOT share a computer. It doesn't work, and sometimes, lives are threatened with violence. Since we "need" a second computer, and I have been in the market for one anyway, tax time seemed like the perfect time to make the investment. I have been wanting a Mac, for their simple awesomeness for a while. And now that our local Best Buy has a Mac section, what better place to go get one, right? Well Holly needed me to go with her to pick out new glasses, because she is blind without hers, and wouldn't be able to see what she looked like. That and I'm mean enough to tell her to her face if she looks stupid. We stopped at Best Buy to pick up a new Macbook White. Finding someone to harass you at Best Buy is never hard. Unless you actually NEED someone to help you. We had to look for someone. And then that someone took a million years to decide to come and help. The first guy that came over, looked like the guy from the Verizon commercials who "works" for Sprint. The one with the big afro, even though he's whiter than my baby brother. We seriously had waited 20 minutes for anyone to help us, and as he brought out the laptop in the box, a second sales guy came over to "complete" the sale. The conversation with the guy isn't nearly as funny as the facial expressions that accompanied it. It was one of those times where you think, why don't *I* have a reality show on E!? Everyone else does! When he started his "sell" of the computer the first thing he did was say, "So are you a student?", immediately taking 8 years off my actual age. When I said no I wasn't, he asked what I did for a living. And I thought his eyes would fall out of his head when I said I am a preschool teacher. I haven't been hit on in a long time, let alone by someone really young. (Other than the seniors at the portrait studio, but that doesn't count. At least this guy was out of high school!) And can I tell you that I looked a hot mess that evening? It was after 8, I had worked all day, and was ready to go home and crash. I feel MUCH better about myself after that. I came home with this beautiful piece of technology. It is tiny. At a screen size of only 13.3". But it's fantastic, and Paulo is happy, because it brings Mac OSX10 to our collection of operating systems. (We are already running Windows XP, Vista, and Linux) It is quite the geek house we have here. On the home front this week, we have another illness at Z house. Little Z went to the doctor Wednesday morning, and was diagnosed with croup. She sounds like a seal who smokes 3 packs a day. But she looks like she's getting better...except, she was in a fight yesterday. With a parking lot. And the parking lot won. She tripped on her shoes. Which just means she is really related to me, as I fall off my flip flops if I'm not careful. And Big Z doesn't have croup, but she did wake up with a cough and sniffles, so she stayed home from school to annoy me today. She's so pretty, I have to post her picture too!

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Brat said...

Aw... poor little zilch tripping on her own feetsies! [BTDT, too!]

I can't believe you got another freaken LAP TOP.

They haven't made the lap top that has tempted me yet.

Party of 5 said...

The handy dandy laptop. Now I want pics of the taped up one. LOL

Yes the girls are cute.

Yes she did in fact get hit on by a FINNNNNNNNNNNE "young" man. yum

BTW I did NOT look stupid TYVM. Most of the glasses I tried on looked good so there. Too bad it quickly made me light headed and dizzy. LOL

Wings said...

Yay for new laptops! Yes.. you definitely needed another one. After reading above about TAPE... wow.

And ROFL the parking lot won. At least a dinosaur didn't have to fix her.

Faerylandmom said...

Parking lots are such SOB's...

Yay for the Mac!

Anonymous said...

A Mac... Happiness.

:) (Mine's better)


Anonymous said...
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