Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Boobies on a Plane

** This is for my bitch Aunt Becky. She's eleventy months pregnant...** My darling friend Tiffany has told me she remembers that in our first conversation I told her I nurse my babies because I am lazy. I wish I could reiterate how much I truly mean that statement. I am sick of hearing about how there is only this way or that way to conceive, birth, feed, diaper, and raise a child. My children, my sex life, and my decisions are MY BUSINESS. I like to think (and I hope) that I offer my take on my own situations in an effort to give my point of view. Not to convince someone that what I did is right. I like to think highly of myself. I am on so many different sides of the argument, that I do see all sides. Ready for my personal choices? C-section Nursing Formula feeding VBAC Cosleeping Crib sleeping No epidural Spinal Epidural but only disposable diapers. All the things I opted to do were what worked for me at the moment. All things necessary of the medical or the lazy persuasion. My C-section was for many reasons. The main 2 being that the Z was too big to push out, and she was face up, and so stuck not even forceps could help her. I nursed because I am too lazy to get up in the middle of the night and fix a bottle of formula. I formula fed because at 6 months, and working, I could no longer nurse the little Z, and the big Z had to have formula every other feeding after birth because of her size, and her blood sugar issues. I had a VBAC with the littlest Z because needles scare me shitless, and I didn't want an epidural. We co-slept for 6 months with each girl because of nursing, and because I was too lazy to get out of bed in the middle of the night to feed the babies. We didn't do a family bed, because we all move around so much. Once the girls started sleeping through the night, we stuck them in the crib. Everyone slept great, and they still do! No epidural because I cry at the thought of needles. Literally. Blood pressure sky rockets and I see spots. I'm great fun when I have to have lab work done!! I had a spinal done because they had to use forceps, and if that didn't work, I would need to have the C-section, and they wanted me already numb. It was by far the best thing I've ever had done! I did have an epidural with the Little Z, but not because I wanted one. I did fight to not have one, but gave in because there was a valid medical reason. The valid medical reason? There is no documentation of my c-section, and there are still cases of the cuts being made differently, which causes more chance of a rupture. (Z's birth information was lost in Katrina.) I was okay with it, because the anesthesiologist was on my side, and fought to not give me one as long as she could! And I used disposable diapers because I am not a fan of washing poopy clothing. And with daycare, disposables are required! I don't care why someone does something. If you think about the reason you do one thing or another with your kid, someone else may have the equal and opposite opinion. It's okay to state your side of the story, but it is NOT okay to then dismiss someone else and their side of the story. Can we stop judging each other and just realize we're all in the same boat? Completely lost and having no clue what to do?! Not one person is right or wrong. And Rodney King was right. (Even if he is now a drunken hot mess!)

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Party of 5 said...

I stand by the fact that I know it all. (Okay wait that's what others think) Sorry I got confused.

Some only feel good if they sit in judgement of others...LOSERS

Fiona said...

Holy dookie. AMEN.

These are (basically) all my thoughts surrounding the gestation/birth/life of my son.

Good for you. I'm going to link to this on my blog because it's just so right.

Heather said...

I am here by way of Fiona. I'll be back.



This is exactly what I have been saying all my life.

Brat said...

I nursed because

Me + Sleepy + Bottles + heating apparatus = Nothing Good

Me + Grab baby + Go back to bed + stick boob in baby mouth = Happiness for all and no house fires

It worked for me.

I say any delivery where mom and baby are both happy and healthy is the right one for them.

Diapers? Thank God for disposables, and thank God for people who don't puke when they have to wash them so they use cloth.

Keep your nose out of other peoples' business because no one is perfect and no one knows it all.

And because it's just none of your goddamned business!

Ummm... what was the question?

SarahHub said...

I completely agree with you!

We moms need to stick together. And also realize our choices are our own. And stop judging other people's choices.

Amen, sister!

Momma said...

As moms we definitely ave to stick together and not judge each other for our parenting decisions. We need to be able to talk and complain together without any worry that we will be judged for what we are doing. I agree with you 100%!

On the other hand...you need those close friends in your life that will tell you when you are messing up and it is hurting your kid. Hopefully everybody has that person in their life. I would have made some major mistakes without mine.

Tiff @ The Faery Inn said...

I wholeheartedly agree. There are no moral issues when it comes to how you birth/feed your baby.

It's only important that you do your research, trust the provider you chose, and follow your instincts.

Never do something just because someone tells you to, right? :-)

I hope I've never come across as judgmental, despite my well-known ability to voice my opinion, whether it's asked for or not...

I'm a work in progress. :-)

Aunt Becky said...

Dude. I love of you. Much.