Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stupid Technology

A while back, my D*ell laptop cord had a nervous breakdown, and broke. So we idiotically bought a "generic" one, sot hat I could stay online, and do whatever it is I do all day. On Thursday-ish, THAT cord stopped working. I had it so ingeniously taped together in a configuration that kept me having power, since D*ell doesn't allow for "outside" cords to charge their laptop batteries. I have ordered the "correct" cord for my particular laptop, but when it came, it wasn't the right one. I am still waiting on the one they should have sent me first to arrive. Until then, I am at the mercy of when the Hubs will allow me to use his computer. Which happens to be all day today, since he's working. :) I will write some posts, and set them to auto post. Just because. And I'll probably be using old stories. Y'all don't mind right? I'm nothing if not entertaining for a few minutes!

3 Thoughts on This:

Aunt Becky said...

Glad you're not going dark on me. I might not always be commenting, but I'm always reading.

Wings said...

<3333 love your blog. Glad to talk you into spending your precious, now rare net time to keep us entertained.

Party of 5 said...

So like I think they've reached their limit on how long it takes to get you the right cord. I have to call someone. Get me a number.