Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Arch Nemisis

In 12 hours, I have a first inspection tomorrow for daycare. My house is basically and technically spotless. I have worked hard the last few days, accomplishing all but one thing on my 35 item to do list. That's right, 35 items. These include

  • Shampooing the chaise lounge. (The one piece of furniture I bought without second thought!)
  • Disinfecting the bathroom.
  • Removing a cabinet from the bathroom
  • Tying cords together so that my coordinator and the fire department wouldn't yell at me.

The only thing I have left is that I need to finish my contract. I really think the first line should read: Only because I promised not to call people racist. That should weed out the parents I don't want to deal with right?

I have shampooed the carpets three times since we have moved in. Not because I have CDO (it's like OCD, but the letters are alphabetical, as it should be) but because the house REEKS of smoke. I think smoking in a house that you aren't going to stay in forever should be illegal. Not because I am against people smoking in their houses, I just hate that I have to clean up the smell once they move out and I move in.

Today though, I am not shampooing because of odor. I am doing it to rid my living room of the one thing I hate with a passion, and am convinced it was created by the devil.

Water spots. On the beige carpet.

They look like giant spills that someone was too lazy to wipe up. Not the case though. If someone even considers bringing a drink into this room, a water spot will appear.

Now, if I were normal, and organized, I would simply "vacuum" it up. Since I'm me, I can't find the most important piece of the shampooer. The part that lets you use it like a vacuum. I am shampooing my downstairs, with the upholstery attachment. While watching 17 kids and counting. (These people are nuts, but God love 'em, they are committed. Or did I mean should BE COMMITTED)

I did get a great idea from the show though. If you have that many kids, you can make them play Red Rover. And dodge ball. I think that would be better than a grounding. And much much more entertaining.

2 Thoughts on This:

Megan said...

Sooo.... How'd it go?

Carey said...

you are entertaining, m'dear.
love you so much.