Tuesday, September 30, 2008

She Ain't a Baby No Mo'!

My baby had a birthday last Tuesday. And her party was this weekend. Her TEA party to be correct.

This is what I described to Brat as "Little Ladies Who Lunch". A bunch of princesses if I've ever seen one! The flowers on the table were hand made by them as well, because I'm nothing if not lazy and creative with my laziness. (The mommys and I ended up doing most of the work!)

Big Z had a great time, with her best friends in the whole world. (Regardless that it's a really small world! And they are the daughters of MY bestest friends!) She won't stop talking about it, and has played NON STOP with her gifts. She declared it her BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! (Because when you've had all of five birthday parties in 4 years, you know these things!)

They were so patiently waiting, and then!

The swarm!

Thankfully, the party is out of the way, and now, we can start planning the next big "shin dig". Whatever that is. Or when. Or whatever.

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Megan said...

They all look so serious. Very proper tea party girls!