Saturday, September 06, 2008

I Would Have Thrown Food...

except, the waiter ended up ROCKIN'! Wedding rehearsal ended with a certain flower girl being bribed with the promise of a Polly Pocket or Littlest Pet Shop for preforming her duties. The rehearsal itself made me realize why whales have all that blubber. It was freezing. It's not winter. This is still technically a summer wedding. I don't think todays weather would have even been considered FALL. The rehearsal dinner was held at our "favorite" sushi place. (I say it that way, cause we had never been there, but I knew it would be our favorite) I asked upon entering about the gluten content, and was told I would be fine, they would bring me GF soy sauce. Guess what... He lied. Sort of. They did have GF sauce. I could not however eat much. Miso has gluten, and many of the rolls had mayo. After I ate as much edemame as I could shove in my face, I decided to ask if there was anything on the table I COULD eat. At this point though, I was near tears of starvation. I had forgotten to pack a bag of snacks and hadn't been home all day. I don't know if the guy was just trying to be nice, or if he felt bad because there was a giant platter of food I couldn't eat in front of me, but he got a clean plate, and filled it with all the stuff I could eat. Even though it was all raw (hence why I'm still starving) he took the time to make sure I won't be dying come tomorrow. Tomorrow we get this wedding out of the way. The dresses, tux, gifts, and activity bag are all ready to go. No we just have to worry about hair and make up. Which is just as nerve wracking as wondering if the flower girl will make it down the aisle, in one piece.

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Megan said...

Noah says: hom nom nom nom!!!!

I say: he wouldn't do it if you weren't hott.