Tuesday, May 13, 2014


**Facebook alerted me to this rebuttal to this blog post from last year. The initial post itself did not bother me, but there was something in the author's comments that didn't sit right with me. So of course, I read a million comments from the author and from other people. I love a good Internet fight as much as the next guy, until I realized I hadn't read a single comment that summed up MY outsider's two cents on the situation. And so because I think I'm way smarter, funnier, and insightful than everyone else, here's my train of thought, worth approximately 2 Yen.**

**I should also point out that two of my three children are at school, and I'm blogging while the tiny one is sound asleep after screaming and fighting sleep for about three hours. I'm declaring I deserved this break.**

Dear Mom Telling Us to Get off the iPhone,

I get your point. I got your point in your initial post. I understand that there are so many parents who do not appear to be checked into the everyday moments of their children’s lives. I’ve seen it. I’ve been guilty of it. I wasn’t offended by your message, but I wasn’t convicted by them either. I know when and how often I personally need this reminder. I planned on taking your words with a grain of salt and maybe a piece of caramel. That was the plan until I read deeper into the comment section than I should have. 

I can accept your statement that you felt led by God to write the post as a gentle wake up call to mothers everywhere. Our culture is one of so very many distractions. I became irritated when I read your words saying that what you wrote is what God wanted you to write, and so it wasn’t your fault that people were taking your words as harsh and judgmental. You knew that wasn’t your intent, so anyone who says you were doing those things is wrong. 

But what if, what if that very misunderstanding is the very reason you were moved to write the post? Is it possible that the wake up call was absolutely not intended solely for the distracted mothers? Can you consider, for just a moment, that part of the reason for this post was to point out to you that words must always be chosen carefully? That we are responsible for each and every one of the words that come from our lips or our fingers? I understand your defensiveness of your words, but saying that you will not change your words just because many people are offended by what you wrote is dismissing their point in the exact same way they are dismissing yours. I don’t know a darn thing about your personal faith, but as someone who believes in the same God that you do, I know that I don’t always get to be right. And many times, I’ve misinterpreted the lesson being taught right before my eyes. 

Like I said, I understand the message you were sending in your post, but I encourage you to think about the possibility of that not being the only lesson to learn. 

~ A Mommy with too many children, electronics, and opinions. 

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Anonymous said...

Long time no post! :-)

I agree with you. It's always good to question yourself, unless you already happen to be God. So. Yeah.