Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Last Week's Life Lessons

Lesson #1 ~ If one is going to accidentally go 60 clicks in a 50 kph zone and get flashed by a traffic camera, they should NOT do it with their mother in law in the car. She may just "accidentally" rat you out to your husband before you come up with a plan to gently break the news to him.


Lesson #2 ~ Being Facebook friends with your old youth minister is awesome and everything, but if you end up giving birth to your 3rd child be prepared for him to mention, for everyone to see, that during premarital counseling your answer to the questions "Do you want children? If so, how many?" was "no" and "2".*

*In my defense, I don't think it was children I didn't want. I just never wanted to be pregnant. And really, if you're going to have kids, 2 is a good number because only children and middle children are weird!!! 

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