Sunday, October 02, 2011

PSA for my Children

Dear Darling Demonspawn,

There are going to be a vast number of things you'll be able to get away with in your lifetime. I am not always the most observant person in the room. Heck, there are days I forget about the tattoo I have on my foot, and it's only been there a couple of months. I can look for a book, a kitchen utensil, or my wallet for an hour or more and not realize it's directly in front of me. I lose my glasses when they are on my face.

So that tattoo or navel ring you might decide to get when you are old enough to do so without my consent may go unnoticed. You will probably be able to sneak out once or twice and I will be none the wiser. Clean your room by throwing everything under the bed or in the closet? Yeah, that's gonna take me a few minutes to figure out.


If you go from looking like this:

To looking like THIS:

Telling me you didn't think I would notice is not going to work.
I was born in the morning, but not THIS morning!

Love you even when I want to lock you in your room for forever,

4 Thoughts on This:

Clark Sr said...

What is the matter with her??? Looks like she just needs her air brushed.

Carey said...

That is fantastic. I've been wanting a haircut myself. Give her my number?

Mary Ellen said...

your mom is looking down from
Heaven and laughing---saying "what goes around, comes around"--I have not spent more than a few moments with your daughter--However, face book proves SHE IS JUST LIKE HER MOTHER! --

Tiff said...