Wednesday, July 27, 2011

One Fish, Two Fish...

As far as in laws go, I'm damn lucky.

It's a good thing they are all pretty great, because there's a lot of them. Life could be awkward and more stressful if they sucked.

I could name specific life events in which different members of the Paulo's family have not liked me (and rightfully so with valid reasons to feel that way), except for Grandpa.

If at any time I was on his bad side, I didn't know it. He just accepted me for me from day one. Over the last nine years, we've discussed power tools, fixing up boats, random events from the newspaper, sweet Vidalia onion salad dressing, and most recently how delicious a meal of beans and cornbread is.

Last month, he spoke at the funeral of his sister in law. While I didn't know Aunt Donna at all, listening to Grandpa talk about how that family accepts everyone and is always happy to make room for one more person, I cried. And I do not usually cry at funerals. After the funeral, I told him I was mad at him for making me cry. I also talked to him about a conversation many years ago, where he told the Paulo I was a bluegill. I know it means I'm a "keeper", but given my irrational fear of fish, had anyone else made that statement I would have been offended.

Six days ago, after complications during surgery on his back, one of the most amazing people on earth went home to be with Jesus. I don't think that devastated is a strong enough word to describe how the entire family is feeling right now. I am not even a blood relative and just thinking about him being gone is enough to take my breath away. I want to wake up tomorrow and have this week be some really terrible dream.

It won't. The best I can do is work toward handling the news with the same grace and innocence of Zoe. She said, and I quote:

"I know we'll see G-pa again when we get to Heaven, but I'm sure gonna miss him until then."

Me too, baby girl. Me too.

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Heather said...

OMG, Sara. Saying how sorry I am is not even close to being enough.
But I am so so very sorry to hear this.