Thursday, June 16, 2011

Why Vonage's Transcribed Voicemail Service Is My Favorite...

"Hey babe girl it's me Morrison you've been trying to call. I didn't know  he's been trying to call. I'm sorry I missed call from Germany. Alright. I'm still in Marian. We will be we got of be in Allied the 30th. But Tina should retarded and we don't really know any airplane date. So at least Monday, shadow, I will be here if you're going to be able to find who you know freaking Mary awesome I love you Christine. I but I made by now if I go ahead and I so if he does not if I don't answer I don't have my charger. So I'm going to put it on better receiver mode because my treasure the hospital where I was because I guess she hadn't had a big boy but I love you very much. If I do not answer and okay sorry I haven't tried her about tomorrow bro which means that you called. I'll be booking I check my voicemail so I love you very much. Cheers then. Bye"


This is the exact email the husband received from Vonage after my baby sister Bimley left a voicemail. Clearly, this is not what she said. Or maybe it is. 

For 1, Her name is Bimley Louise, so she didn't say "it's me Morrison". Her lies are way more creative and elaborate than that. 

Translation key:

Marian = Maryland
Allied = Hawaii
Tina = TMO
Christine = Sissy
and my second favorite:

Cheers then = see you soon

2 Thoughts on This:

Tiff said...

Super awesome. That is all.

tripleZmom said...

If I had this I would entertain myself and husband for hours leaving voicemails for it to transcribe. This is awesome!