Friday, March 11, 2011

Hello Random

This guy's name is Sebastian Schnuelle.

He's from Canada.

And this is the only picture that appeared during my Google image search where he doesn't look like a dirty hippy.

Why did I do a search for pictures of some random guy in a hat shaped like a Siberian husky?

Because apparently, my daughter should start betting on dog sled races. It seems that she chose to root for this guy during the Iditarod because he has a funny name (though this is similar to how I pick my favorite baseball team), but he's actually really good. Yesterday he was in 7th place, and as of 15 minutes ago, he was in the lead.

I wonder if there's a racetrack around here?

Random of the Day: I saw a guy get a ROOF thrown at him. He narrowly avoided being hit by it, but I still want to know what you have to do that is so horrible you make people throw parts of BUILDINGS at you...

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Tiff said...

What's wrong with dirty hippies, I ask you?! ;-)