Saturday, February 26, 2011

It Was Easier Last Time

The last time their daddy went anywhere, the big one wasn't even 3 yet.

And the little one hadn't turned 2. 

This time, they're big.

And they understand that Daddy is leaving.

The big one is mad. I can only tell her I understand.
The little one keeps making me reassure her he is not going to the place with the war. Thankfully, I can do this.

And the mommy is starting to feel horrible that her amazing kids were born into this life. They didn't choose it. I did. Daddy did.

I can't stop thinking about all military children. We ask so much of people who are so little.

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Susan Welborn said...

LOVE it Sara. I am a product of the military and my parents felt guilty. But the best thing they did for me is not let me know it and was always positive about everything so I thought that was the way I was suppose to be. OUR KIDS have it way worse than I did growing up and now I get to feel guilty. Sara I made it through AND decided to go BACK into it with my husband. Our kids will see the world and see the strongest most dedicated parents there are on this earth. YOU and ME.

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Tiff said...

No kidding. Give the Z's a hug from us, and tell them that the girls LOVED their postcard!

Laura V. said...

It is SO hard when they start understanding it. We're at that stage and the last deployment was tough for our oldest.

Heather said...

They did choose in a sense.

They choose for you to be their mommy and for him to be their daddy.

But that doesn't mean they have to understand why daddy has to go.

Hell, I am a suppposed grown-up and *I* don't understand it.

Give them lots of hugs.

And also, while this hasn't been made public at my place yet, my daughter has decided to go into the Army Reserves. She will leave promptly after graduation. Which is in May. Of this year.