Saturday, October 30, 2010

This is Serious Business, Didn't You Know?

Every time I hear about crazy parents flipping out and beating the crap out of each other at Little League games, I loudly roll my eyes. I always have said that there is no way I could ever get that angry at a GAME involving my children. Also? Hello, can we get a positive role model or two? That would be nice.

We just wrapped up the 2010 Pee Wee Soccer season. All this season, I've said that the parents on our team have got to be the WORST soccer parents in history. Our kids show up, but we don't keep secret the fact that we may or may not have been hoping all day that a game or practice would be rained out or cancelled for any random reason. Add that to the fact that we may or may not have made comments about how our kids need to knock over some kid on the opposing team, or kick them. I mean, kick the ball. Yes. Kick the ball.

However, we ALSO are the only team parents who do the "High Five Tunnel" at the end of every game for BOTH teams. We cheer for BOTH teams, and call a good play no matter who makes it. At our last game of the season, we almost turned into those parents who attack the parents of the other team.

In this case, the other team's coach.

One of our kids (one who is known to be a little overly dramatic) fell, and was being carried off the field.  The coach of the other team told his players to take a knee. No biggie. That is the respectful thing to do.


Our kids? They don't know what "take a knee" means. They DO know what "time out means. They DO know to STOP when someone says time out.

The other coach? He yelled at our kids to take a knee. And pretty much physically made one of our players kneel down.

For a moment, we almost turned into THOSE horrible little league parents.
Because apparently, Pee Wee sports are SERIOUS. BUSINESS.

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