Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 24: Now I need to watch Armageddon...

Today's challenge post is "You're leaving on a jet plane. Where are you headed and why?"

Considering at this moment driving to England is a viable option, I would have to say if I am leaving on a jet plane, I am headed to the States. Which state, I don't know. 

I obviously would want to be going to Indiana to visit the relatives. It's been 16 months since we've seen family, and that's a record. I think 13 months is the longest we've gone without taking a trip to see the fam. And I hate that it's been that long since I've seen my BFFs. It makes me a sad panda. 

I also desperately want to go to Colorado. There will always be a big chunk of me that considers Colorado Springs home. Bits of my soul that can only be soothed by breathing in air void of oxygen and using Pike's Peak as a compass. (And the fact that most of very first friends I made as an adult are still there is a big selling point as well.)

And yet, given an option, I could head to Memphis or Miami. Places with amazing family I have yet to meet. Places full of relatives I really would love for my girls to get to know. 

Too many choices. Maybe I'll just drive to France for coffee instead...

2 Thoughts on This:

Tiff said...

I know...I'd have a hard time choosing.

Brat said...

Go here:

This is where my sister-in-law is getting married this week.

Go in my place!