Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 18: Alles zum Gut Geburtstag!

My favorite birthday was my 20th.

Not the actual day. I don't think we really celebrated my birthday birthday.

My Tamara and my Amanda and I got tickets to see the Rangers play Detroit, in Detroit since we were only 4 hours away. The original plan was to see the game, stay in Detroit overnight, and then go run around Ontario for a day or two, mostly because we COULD. Plans changed though, as they usually do, and we decided downtown Detroit was NOT the place for 3 young white girls, armed only with small cans of pepper spray.

This lead us to do what is CLEARLY the most rational thing ever. We drove into Canada, got a hotel room, and drove BACK to Detroit for the game. This was the first time I ever left the country. A trip of 5 minutes.

The weekend was awesome. Somewhere, there is video taped footage of me ranting about FRIES at the TACO BELL. No thank you Canada, I would not like fries with my chalupa. That makes absolutely ZERO sense to me. (Although, now that I think about it, having a taco as your side item doesn't make much sense either.) Tamara rants about the Taco Bell having gorditas but not chalupas. Or something. On the video I also scream and yell about hearing that stupid "Complicated" song 975 times in one day.

We encountered a guy on the street who, as he passed, informed us he was from Norway. Tam and I legally ordered alcohol during dinner, and took a breathalyzer test that was in the restaurant lobby. (Only time I've ever done that.) We stopped at a Tim Horton's, which was wonderful. At some outlet shops we discovered, I bought a pair of red adidas pants that I still have to this day. We also attempted to purchase venus fly traps, but weren't allowed because you can't import plants to the US.

The BEST part however, is that our first morning in Canada, we awoke to a newpaper outside the door with the headline "Mad Cow Disease Strikes Canada!" What a GREAT way to start a vacation!

On the way home, Tamara's Jeep broke down, and we (and by we, I mean, Amanda and I) pushed it about a half a mile to the interstate exit. I don't remember where we broke down at, but I do know that we ended up in Ypsilanti, Michigan, and to this day we call it "Yippity Skippity, Michigan", because really? No extra vowel between the Y and the P? Come on now. How can you take that seriously?

I came home to some pretty intense drama, but I also came back with stories that can start out, "Remember that time we left the country for five minutes?" And that my friends, is priceless.

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Tiff said...

That sounds like an amazing birthday. Canada does a lot of things that don't make sense, so don't sweat it. Unless you are going to POST the video with the french fry Taco Bell rant.