Tuesday, July 13, 2010

For Your Entertainment

Quote of the day:

One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful.
 Sigmund Freud


And now the story of how I forgot the name of my cousin who is basically my little sister...

We had to cancel our trip to the states for this summer. It totally sucks, but circumstances are outside our control. When I told the girls, Zoe said "So we won't get to see Jesse?"

Insert blank stare from the mommy.

I had no idea who Jesse was. I told her of course we'd see Jessica. She is still coming to daycare, and I asked her when she started calling her Jesse, since the daycare kid prefers to be called Jessica. The look Zoe gave me was hilarious. Like I had officially lost my mind. I couldn't think of anyone named Jesse or Jessica that she wasn't going to be seeing if we canceled our trip. 

I then had to ask her if she was talking about Bim-Bim. She said "DUH MOMMY!" As though I was supposed to know all along that she was talking about the Jesse that she had NEVER in her life prior to this conversation called Jesse. Not once had I heard her say the name Jessica in reference to the person we now lovingly call Bimley. (Or turdface depending on my mood.) 

I am a GENIUS.

I did inform her that she should only refer to her as "Gerard's wife" if she's given up on the Bim-Bim nickname that she assigned her 3 years ago. I confuse easily. 

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