Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Too Much Blood In My Caffeine System

This morning I caught a case of the giggles. And it wasn't because of my children. It was about my cup(s) of coffee. Many moons ago, I used to be a "ton of sugar, extra creamer" kind of coffee drinker. Basically I drank coffee for the caffeine, because it wasn't "cool" to drink soda with breakfast. Then I started dating Paulo. And every couple of months, I would go up to his Grandma and Grandpa's house to visit while he did his Nation Guard weekends. The staple drink at Grandma and Grandpa's is coffee. (In recent years, we've been known to make a pot at midnight. Just sayin') Of course, seeing as no one there used sugar, I had to ask where it was the first few times. However, I have the memory of a gnat, and forgot time and again where it was. In an attempt to make them not find me a giant moron, I stopped putting sugar in my coffee when we were there. I have sinced stopped using sugar in my coffee at all. Funny thing is, is that I'm pretty sure they already knew I am a dork anyway. But it's little things like that, the little changes in life that go unnoticed most of the time. I can't be the only one who changes little things like this, for really silly reasons, can I?

3 Thoughts on This:

Brat said...

I stopped putting sugar in MY coffee because my aunt and uncle [both of whom I dearly love] kept nagging me every time I was with them. Tiff was just a wee baby at the time.

I remember telling them, "Dammit! Fine! I'm giving up the sugar! But I'm keeping the CREAM!"

They both drank theirs black. I can drink black coffee, if I have to, but I don't have to like it. LOL

As for asking people over and over where something is kept, I think it would be worse if you went there more often than you do.

Nicole said...

You're not the only one.
I promise

I think we're all a little dorky like that!

Heather said...

You are not the only one. I just know it.