Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mondays Always Suck!

After getting onto the gigantic airplane that was to fly us over the ocean, the girls decided bedtime was a good thing. But not before the stupid, ugly lady from the row in front of us turned around to yell at me for my kid kicking her arm rest into the head of her daughter, who was lying on the seat next to her with NO RESTRAINTS. Now, my kids weren't in car seats, so that is not my complaint. My complaint is that this lady didn't have the military PURCHASE her child a seat, and instead, they listed her as a lap child. But she was sharing a seat with her older brother, and the lady thought this was acceptable for take off. And when the flight attendant asked her to please put her seat into an upright position (WHO moves the seat before take off? Seriously!) and that she needed to HOLD her child she got mad. And then? Then the kid started screaming, with dad giving the excuse "oh, she doesn't like to be held!" Are you freaking kidding me? Your kid doesn't want to be held, so you seat her on some one's lap for an 8 hour flight? This is why I hate people. The only "memorable" part of the meals on the flight were a peculiar bowl of non-cohesive items. In one little Styrofoam dish there was a piece of ham, an olive, and two slices of honey dew. It made me say "Huh?". After getting off the plane and getting the "this is how you go through customs" speech, we headed to the baggage claim. And if you are my facebook friend, you know what we discovered at the baggage claim. NOTHING we checked in Baltimore came down the baggage carousel. Nine items and not a one made it to Germany. It wasn't just our stuff though. There were 8 other families that didn't receive anything. And no one could tell us why or how. Just that we needed to check back in a day or two and see if they had arrived. So we spent all of Tuesday in the clothes we put on on SUNDAY. (I did go to the BX and get clean underwear. Because, um, that would have made it worse than it already was!) Not even our beautiful hotel could make up for not having luggage. Well, it did, but not much. Wanna see our first hotel?

(I stole this photo off the website. My camera is dead, and the new battery charger had to be shipped to my dad.)
To make matters worse, Zoe's eye boogers got a little bit worse. And we don't have a primary care doctor yet. And all the TV is in German, except for the really bad MTV reality shows. Rock of Love Charm School anyone?

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Aunt Becky said...

I am in love with your hotel.

Faerylandmom said...

At least the hotel was cool.

So comforting, I know.